Amimono Story


Hello and welcome. My name is Chapman Chan, founder of Amimono. Thank you for taking an interest in Amimono headcovers. I would like to share a little story on how it all started.

It began when I was a child and my grandmother gave me a hand puppet toy which she had personally knit herself. I kept and treasured this toy even after the years had gone by and she had passed away, as a reminder of what she meant to me – a kind, warm, loving grandmother who always took care of her grandson.

One day, without much thought I put the puppet over a golf club and to my surprise it was a perfect fit. Soon I had my family and friends complimenting on the "head cover" I had on and where they can get one themselves.

Inspired by this experience, I started my own company in 2010 and I have been designing and manufacturing handmade golf accessories since then, we now have a small factory with around 20 workers in Dongguan China, we also make ODM/OEM golf products for other companies. 

We will keep on creating various golf products with just one rule - just like my grandmother had made that puppet, all of my creations will be hand made as well. It is my hope to create a quality product infused with personal touch that can only come from being handmade and that one day, perhaps, they will be part of you or your loved one's own story. Thank you for reading!